About company

  • Thanks to the hard work, the great desire to improve and produce high-quality products, our company is rapidly developing and offers a wide range of quality products.

  • Private enterprise "KAR-SIB" - it is a co-ordinated team of professionals and experts in their work. We successfully combine professionalism, experience and innovation in our production.

  • Always ready to provide customers with products made in accordance with special technical tasks, because an individual approach is important to us.


                                 ISO 9001:2015
- is a system of quality management, certification guarantees that the company produces products at a stable level of quality and constantly increases it.

The work of company KAR-SIB on the principles of ISO 9001 is aimed at achieving a high level quality of products. This minimizes the risk of getting inappropriate quality products and transforms work to improve quality into the foundation of the production process.

The quality management system created at the enterprise ensures high quality of products and reliability of cooperation.



Private Enterprise "KAR-SIB"

Сontact person:

Ihor Jurha


81083, Ukraine, Lviv region, v. Domazhyr, Molodizhna str., b. 611


+38 (067) 914-74-74
+38 (066) 914-74-74

Work schedule:

Mon.Fri. 9:00-19:00
Sat. 9:00-15:00
Sun. Weekend